AR-4 Desk Top Mixer


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AR-4 Desk Top Mixer

The AR-4 units are all built to order. We aim to deliver around 12 weeks from time of placing your order.

Please bear in mind each mixer is built to order by hand, we cannot gaurantee a finite delivery date but we do aim to deliver ASAP.

£1695.00 plus DHL shipping worldwide

The all new hybrid (semi and discrete) design is utilising the best of the original Bozak CMA-10 discrete circuits in conjunction with the highest quality semiconductor topology culminating in the most expansive sound while constantly striving to improve the original Bozak sound.

4 in/2 out mixer with 3-band isolator on each channel and master isolator

The intuitive layout of the AR-4 makes it easy for you to instinctively know where the controls are and we purposely have given plenty of room around the controls so you can wrap your hands around the controls rather than having to use your finger tips. No visible screw heads on the control surface or sharp corners allow you to enjoy the mixer rather than having to worry about where you put your hands and the angled VU meters allows you to monitor the levels without even thinking about it. The hardwood side trims are removable for those who want a more workhorse look to the AR-4. As with all Bozak products the AR-4 knobs are custom tooled for us in three sizes with gentle flutes for the perfect amount of grip and the aluminium inlay finishes of the Bozak styling.

The Bozak AR-4 is based on the classic rotary mixer with its heritage taken from the mixers of the 70’s. Updated to give the flexibility to today’s DJ requirements, the AR-4, as with all Bozak products, has been designed first and foremost for unsurpassed sound and superior build quality. The AR-4 has been designed to sit perfectly between a pair of SL1200s or CDJs with the angled VU meters giving you perfect visual metering.

3-band stereo Isolators gives perfect overall tonal control of the mix. Its cross-over points having been carefully selected to yield a most natural sound and to emphasise the artistry in the musical production. The Bozak’s frequency dividing technology provides superior dynamic response making the control smooth and the individual tone control allows the user to EQ beats, vocals and the high hats.

The flexible headphone section gives the DJ control over the cue and mix blend you hear in the headphones. The backlit push switches give a bright green indication of the channels selected. The clear, warm and super loud headphone output with a mix control allows the DJ to pan between the Cue or Program output or a mix anywhere in-between. The Headphone jack is backlit to allow you to find the socket in the dark DJ booth.

Dedicated Master and Booth gain controls gives you total control over the mix with flexible stereo balanced or unbalanced options as well as dual VU meters that can be switched between master and cue. The loop control allows the DJ to add their choice of effects or processing to the master output.

Fitted with ALPS RK27 Blue Velvet pots, carbon resistors, polyester mylar capacitors and a tried and tested industry standard worldwide power supply, all culminating in Bozak’s signature rich warm sound now in a desk top format.

Low noise worldwide universal external power supply.

3-band Channel Isolator with 12dB per octave slopes:

Mid/Treble                             4KHz

Bass/Mid                                400Hz

3-band Master Isolator with 18dB per octave slopes:

Mid/High                                5KHz

Low/Mid                                 300Hz


Line and Phono Inputs         Gold plated RCA

Microphone inputs               Balanced 3 pin Gold Neutrik XLR

Line Outputs                         Gold plated RCA

Balanced Line Outputs        Balanced 3 pin Gold Neutrik XLR

Record Out. Optional.         Gold Plated RCA

Master Loop                          Send & Return  ¼” 3 pin switched jacks

Headphones                          ¼” 3 pin jack

Ground post                          1x thumb screw chrome binding posts

Power Supply                        Worldwide 100-250v AC  50/60hz

Dimensions                           100mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 370mm (d)

  • Based on the original Bozak CMA-10-2D Discrete analogue design and new hybrid topology
  • Intuitive DJ layout for uncluttered operation
  • Massive headroom and unrivalled gain structure
  • 4-direct input channels
  • Channels 1 -3 fitted with Bozak RIAA Pre-amps
  • Channel 4 fitted with Bozak Mic Pre-amp
  • 3-Band Isolator on each channel with full cut and +8dB
  • All channels can be selected for line level
  • Balanced microphone input
  • Flexible push button cueing with backlit switches
  • Headphone Cue-Program mix control
  • Massive 3w headphone output with backlit jack socket
  • 3-Band Master Isolator with full cut and +8dB
  • Dedicated Booth and Master controls
  • Twin backlit analogue VU Meters with Peak LED backlit with LEDs for even spread
  • VU meter switchable between Master and Cue
  • Angled VU meters for better visibility
  • Master stereo loop TRS 1/4″ jacks for Send & Return for adding EFX
  • Quality Gold RCA and Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Tried and tested industry standard reliable worldwide power supply, in custom housing
  • Anodic printed front panel, text will not wear off
  • Lightweight black anodised chassis
  • Removable hardwood side trims
  • Large ground post for turntable earth connection
  • Record Out. Optional configuration of unbalanced master out
  • Bozak custom tooled knobs for improved hands on expierience
  • Sits perfectly between SL1200s or CDJs, same foot print as CDJ-2000
  • 350mm wide (320mm without wood trims) x 370 deep x 100mm high

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 440 × 430 × 220 mm