We’re very lucky to have some great feedback about our products and their use in venues and events in over the world.

  • Terry Hunter (DJ)
    "Bozak is the only choice if you want the best sound quality and performance. At home in Chicago or on the road, Bozak is always my choice!"
  • Stan Zeff (Tambor)
    "The Bozak AR-6 delivers superior sound quality, its the Rolls Royce of mixers."
  • Zepherin Saint (Tribe)
    "When I sweep the mix and I want the bass to boom, I only rely on Bozak."
  • Louie Vega (Vega Records)
    "The new Bozak ISO-X can warm up any sound system. It's my preferred isolator and the best sounding to date. Having a choice of 3 or 4 way separation is something no other isolator has. Come and check out any of my gigs and hear it work."
  • Bobby & Steve (Groove Odyssey)
    "The Bozak ISO-X sounds hot! The sound is amazing, it's so punchy and warm. We won't leave home without it now, can;t wait for the mixer."
  • Danny Krivit (718 Sessions)
    "Bozak is back and better than ever! Their new combination 3-way/4-way isolator, with it's trademark rich, warm sound, seems to enhance any system I use it on. Clearly the best of it's kind, it's also noticeably rugged & completely road worthy. Can;t wait for the new AR-6 Mixwer & EQ-6 Unit."
  • Kevin Hedge (Blaze imprints)
    "I've had a prototype since March, the frequency separation and warmth is second to none. The Bozak ISO-X adds a new dynamic to any system, check it out every week and Roots Cielo NYC."