Today’s Bozak range is inspired by the DJ’s who themselves were inspired…Bozak is truly Audio For The Soul.

rudy-bozak-BW-creditRudy Bozak was one of the all time great audio pioneers spanning the 1930’s to the 1970’s. During the 50’s and 60’s the musical map was changing forever, from Rock n Roll to RnB and in the 70’s, RnB then went up-tempo and Disco was born. The rest is pure club land history. The Bozak CMA-10-2DL was the first commercially produced DJ mixer, ground breaking by being larger than life in stereo, but the single fact that finally the DJ had a mixer designed for their requirements. Engineers and DJ’s alike fell in love with the mixers functionality and the unique smoothness and warmth! Featured for so long in so many DJ booths, Nicky Siano’s Gallery, Studio 54 and Larry Levan’s booth at The Paradise Garage, the original Bozak mixer earned its unique place in DJ history. The legacy of the Bozak lives on today, in fact most of the modern manufacturers have copied Bozak’s original mixer in some shape or form but have never quite matched its unique sound.

Bozak’s use of discrete components gave the mixer a unique sound that cannot be re-created with today’s integrated op-amps. Analog Development has designed to the same exacting topology that made that early audio sound so warm, exciting and made the stereo image so dynamic. All the Analog Development products use high performance analogue control circuits using individually selected discrete components.
Analog Developments have faithfully reproduced the feel of the classic rotary controls with its simple but intuitive layout. Every care has been taken to faithfully reproduce the warmth and stereo separation that has made the Bozak name what it is today.

Functionality has been improved where necessary to accommodate today’s DJ’s and sound system engineers with special attention being paid to the connectivity and tactile feel of the product. The superior dynamic response makes the control smooth and predictable whilst the Bozak frequency-dividing technology gives individual tone control, allowing the user to isolate beats, vocals and the high hat as well as adjusting the overall tonal quality. The crossover points of the EQ have been carefully selected to yield a more natural sound and to emphasise the artistry in the musical production.

The producers and musicians, having spent so many hours perfecting their productions, would love to hear them played back in a club so the tracks can be heard to their fullest potential. The natural warmth of the Bozak brings out the dynamics of the sound as never heard before, precise and without the aural irritation and listening fatigue common to so many DJ mixers.

Although often imitated but never surpassed, the Bozak mixer was born in a golden era when sound was pioneered by engineers keen to discover new boundaries. The new Bozak products remain true to the design topology of those times, add in today’s engineering technology and we have achieved a unique sound as only dreamed of by its clones.

The original Bozak mixer was available in a few different guises and it is commonly felt that the product’s life was cut short and never reached its full potential for the DJ.

Today we utilise the original CMA-10 circuits as the bedrock of all the new Bozak products ensuring parity with the Bozak sound and quality but carefully updated to perform in tandem with modern players, system controllers and amplifiers and constructed to current safety standards.

All our products are hand built in our UK facility.  All the Bozak 19″ products are fitted with the highest quality components selected for the best possible audio performance. Fitted with ALPS RK27 Blue Velvet pots, carbon resistors, environmentally sealed switches, polyester mylar capacitors and ultra low noise hi-fi grade worldwide selectable toroidal power transformer all culminating in Bozak’s signature rich warm sound. The portable AR-4 and AP-2 utilises a hybrid design of both discrete and semi-conductors and a low noise auto switching power supplies for the travelling DJ, no need to switch voltages. Specifications will very between models, check individual products for more information.